A Guide to Full Arch Dental Implants

If a patient needs full arch replacement, a dentist can place a full arch implant to restore the beauty and function of their smile. After a thorough examination and 3D imaging, implant posts are placed to hold a custom denture that’s lifelike and stable. Read on to learn more about full arch implants and their benefits.

Who’s a Candidate for These Implants?

If a person is missing all or most of their teeth, or if they simply want a more realistic-looking smile, full arch implants provide the appropriate solution. The dentist evaluates the patient’s oral health, looking for signs of bone loss, which can affect implant stability. When a patient is eligible for implants, the doctor will guide them through the process and make them aware of their options.

The Treatment

Before the surgery, the doctor will design a customized treatment plan, taking digital photos and x-rays to create a 3D model of the patient’s mouth. Using a computerized system, a surgical template is created to determine the best positions for the placement of implants. Under local anesthetic and potential sedation, the implants are placed. In some cases, the denture is added immediately; in other instances, the patient has to wait up to six months for a permanent restoration.


After the patient’s incisions are fully healed, they’ll return to the office to get their implant-retained dentures. These can be removable or permanent, and the dentist will recommend the right type. These implants can be placed on both jaws, making it an ideal treatment for those who have had full-mouth extractions.

The Benefits of Full Arch Implants

If a patient is considering their options for tooth replacement, they should think of full arch implants for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Aesthetics: Restorations are customized to match the patient’s facial structure and they sit on the gum line, which makes them look more like natural teeth.
  • Stability: Because implants are permanently attached to the jawbone, they never move out of place.
  • Better oral health: Dental implants can prevent bone loss.
  • Durability: As long as they’re properly cared for, dental implants can last for life. Because the jawbone remains stable, no adjustment is necessary.

At Westvale Dental Care, the team believes that every patient should have a smile to be proud of. If someone is considering full arch implants or needs other treatment, call today to schedule an appointment.