Has the Time Come for a Smile Makeover?

A person who is not happy with their smile won’t typically share it with others. Sadly, this leaves others with the impression the person unfriendly or aloof when nothing is further from the truth. Any person who is not happy with their appearance and believes their smile is a large part of this should visit the Office of Dr. Maryam Seifi. Dr. Seifi of StarBrite Dental performs cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help to transform a smile and give an individual a whole new look. In fact, with the help of technology, a person can see the anticipated results before any work begins. How is this possible?

Dental Imaging Software

Many dental practices now make use of dental imaging software to give a patient an idea of what they will look like when the work is complete. Although the image won’t exactly match the finished results, numerous individuals find the image is enough for them to feel comfortable with proceeding with the recommended treatment. Furthermore, the dental images are shared with the lab to ensure the technicians creating crowns, veneers and more know exactly what is being ordered.

A Mock Up of Dental Composite Bonding

Another option a dentist may use to show a patient the anticipated results is dental composite bonding. Composite resin material is bonded to the desired teeth to see how the cosmetic procedure being done will change the look. Furthermore, when a patient is having veneers, he or she can determine if they are a good fit and feel right before the final veneers are made. There are no long term effects associated with the use of dental composite bonding, thus many patients prefer this option.

With the help of these two options and other dental technology, a patient finds they can compare different procedures and determine which is right for their needs. Furthermore, when money is of concern, patients discover they can see if one option is better than the other or if the less expensive choice would be of benefit to them. Contact the office today to set up a consultation. You’ll find that you have more options than ever before when it comes to your smile, and you can have a new look in less time than you may imagine.