How I Became An Expert on Hair

What You Need To Know About Hair Loss

When you discover that you hair is shedding than the usual way, you will have some worries especially if you do not know how to fix the situation. It is common for one to have balding at a certain age but when it occurs at the wrong time, then it is going to be challenging and depressing at the same rime. If you wat to get the right care for your hair loss, then it is advisable to look for the cause of your hair loos as this will help you get the right treatment.

When you exercise a lot, or you participate in activities that will lead to extreme loss of weight, then your hair is going to fall out of your head. The hair follicles are affected directly by the loss of weight especially the one that is in excess as it gets the shock which will lead to falling of the hair from the body. It is easy to lose your hair as the shock that you get from the reduction in weight from your body lead to a condition known as telogen effluvium which is a stress that causes loss of hair from the body. It is essential to note that the hair growth is achieved through various stages where it grows until it reaches the falling point and then it is replaced by new hair. Telogen effluvium stress make more of your hair to reach the falling stage which is not good as it leads to baldness or excess thinning of hair. The amount of hair in your head may reduce at a fast rate if you have this condition. To avoid losing your hair when you are trying to reduce your weight, it is advisable to do it slowly. Change your diet as it will help your body to lose weight slowly without affecting the health of your hair.

The season of the year can also contribute to the loss of your hair. It not only the trees that are affected by the season of the year but also our hair experience the same effect. During spring and summer where there is plenty of sunlight, the hair growth is seen to be successful. You will note that your hair will take longer to growth during winter as it has reach dormancy and some of it will shed of which is not an issue to raise worries in your life.

Another contributing factors to the shedding of hair on the head is the hormonal imbalances experience in our body. The polycystic ovary syndrome causes the body to produce a lot of testosterone that converts to DHT which is a hormone which causes baldness in men. The capillus low level laser therapy hair treatments is known to produce good results. The blood in the scalp become more healthy, and the cell metabolism is increased when you use the laser.