Life Science Products and Publishing: Learn About Essential Oils That Help During Addiction Recovery

People who are starting their recovery from addiction to alcohol may use a combination of strategies to stay sober and eliminate cravings for the substance. Essential oil aromatherapy may help by using a scent diffuser at the times of day the person is most vulnerable to those cravings. Detailed information on the uses for specific essential oils can be found in materials from Life Science Products and Publishing.

Emotional and Mental Support

Aromatherapy with certain oils provides different types of emotional support and has particular effects on a person’s mood and mental state. Because several oils are helpful for this type of support in addiction recovery, the individual is free to choose fragrances that are personally appealing within the category.

Oils for Alcohol Dependence Recovery

Chamomile and rosemary are two examples of oils recommended for recovery from alcohol dependence. People who feel as though they are experiencing mild withdrawal symptoms might use sandalwood, grapefruit or lavender for the calming effects. Withdrawal symptoms that are more serious call for professional medical attention.

Oils to Minimize Cravings

Grapefruit is a valuable scent for reducing cravings of nearly any sort. Someone who purchases grapefruit essential oil to help minimize cravings for alcohol may want to give a little to friends and relatives struggling with their own issues, whether they are dependent on alcohol, caffeine, marijuana or another substance.

Orange is useful too, especially late in the day when people tend to start feeling fatigued, making them more susceptible to giving in to cravings. Orange fragrance is known for improving mood, reducing anxiety and boosting alertness.

Staying on the Path

The early days of recovery tend to be the most difficult, but recovering addicts often deal with the desire to drink alcohol many months and even years down the road. They might experience a trigger like an old friend showing up in town and wanting to get a drink at a favorite watering hole. An emotionally traumatic event can make the idea of drinking alcohol feel compelling. This is the moment to place the most useful fragrance the person has identified into the diffuser and remind oneself how important and beneficial sobriety has been.