When Hearing Becomes A Problem Contact An Audiologist

As people get older their hearing, or lack of hearing, can become a problem. It seems like one day everything is just fine and one hears everything, then one day people are telling them they need a hearing aid or some other help with hearing. Hearing loss can be a gradual thing that sneaks up on a person. People don’t notice that they are turning up the volume on radios and TVs until others with them complain. Maybe a spouse accuses a person of not listening to them or ignoring them.

How To Tell If Is Time For A Hearing Evaluation

Losing all of or part of our hearing ability is inconvenient and troubling. A person’s ability to hear other people and communicate and to hear everyday sounds around them is very important for mental health and safety. Loss of hearing affects how a person is able to experience the world around them safely. It affects personal relationships and communication. Hearing loss can affect a person’s enjoyment of Television, radio, movies, and music concerts. No one wants to live in a silent world if they can help it.

A person should look for common signs of hearing loss such as not being able to hear or understand everything people are saying to them and having to ask people to repeat themselves. Is the volume of electronic devices going up and up just to hear the music or programming? Do friends and family members tell a person they are not hearing well? Is it getting hard to talk on the phone? Have there been incidences of not hearing a door bell, a door opening, warning sounds, has nature gone silent, or not hearing the beeps telling one food is ready in the microwave or oven?

What To Do About Hearing Problems

The first step to take when one thinks their hearing is a problem is to go to a medical doctor. A physician can rule out physical reasons for hearing loss such as wax build up, an infection, an ear canal obstruction, or other problem. These conditions can be treated. A hearing test might also be administered. If a hearing loss problem is discovered, the doctor may give the patient a referral to a hearing specialist and an audiologist in Colorado Springs. These specialists can do more testing and then fit a patient with the correct hearing aid. Find more information on the website.